AP6’s 3rd Diversity & Inclusion roundtable discussion

Three voices on diversity and inclusion in Private Equity. Emma Watford (Bridgepoint) shared insights and reflections together with Kara Helander (Carlyle Group) and Julie Richardson (SVB Capital).
Photo: Johan Olsson

Three years of discussion, sharing and learning
About 30 participants from about 20 Private Equity firms from the Nordic countries, Europe and the United States met in Stockholm, 13th November 2019, to share experiences of practical diversity and inclusion measures.

This was the third time AP6 organizes a roundtable discussion about diversity and inclusion. The first was in 2016. The purpose of these discussions is to learn from and inspire each other. By sharing experiences the participants can get vaulable tools in identifying progress and remaining challenges. A joint effort to move the needle on diversity and inclusion in an industry which has identified the need for a more diverse pool of talent.
As a public pension fund investing in private equity, AP6 uses its role as an investor to act as a platform for discussions between various players in the industry.