28 November, 2018

Investment activities


Specialization and long-term relationships in private equity are the foundation of our strategy

For many years, AP6 has methodically and carefully evaluated fund management teams in order to make investments in funds that can generate high returns. We strive to create long-term relationships and continually strengthen our reputation as an attractive investment partner. Our organization is highly skilled in evaluating and making co-investments. It makes AP6 an attractive partner for both Nordic and international funds management teams. AP6’s investment strategy is based on its ability to conduct own analyses and evaluations of both potential fund commitments and direct investments.

Fund Investments

The fund investment team follows a long-term strategy of building up a geographically diversified portfolio allocated across the buyout, venture, growth and secondaries segments. A great deal of focus is on establishing close, in-depth collaboration with the teams managing each fund where AP6 has made a capital commitment. Each year, many individual meetings are held to discuss such things as the market situation, development of the portfolio companies and work with sustainability.

Direct Investments

The most common type of direct investments for AP6 are direct minority investments in specific companies along with investments in the funds where AP6 has made a capital commitment. Less common are direct investments in companies together with other investors.
In many regards, direct investments (co-investments) reflect the indirect company portfolio of our fund investments.


Acquiring a fund share from an investor wanting to sell before the fund is closed often requires a tailored solution, where several investors are brought together. Because of the high level of complexity associated with such transactions, AP6 only collaborates with international partners specialized in this area. AP6 also executes secondary transactions where AP6 is an LP in the fund.