28 November, 2018

Responsible Investments

For AP6, responsible investments and sustainability are prerequisites for delivering a long-term high return. Sustainable development is fundamental to the well-being of future generations and for generating an economic return to future pensioners. As a Swedish, state-owned pension fund, AP6 can and should be a forerunner for responsible investments and sustainability. The Deputy MD leads sustainability efforts, which are coordinated by the Sustainability Manager. Investment Directors are responsible for day to day integration of ESG in companies and funds. In 2019, AP6 added more ESG resources by establishing an ESG team comprised of employees from other parts of the organization.
Since 2013, sustainability has been an integral part of AP6’s investing activities, e.g. as a component of the review and follow-up on investments. As an investor in various types of businesses, sectors and geographic locations, it is necessary to have a broad approach to sustainability that is based on international standards on human rights, labor rights, the environment and anti-corruption. AP6’s Code of Conduct provides the foundation for its responsible investment activities
One of the most important tools is review and evaluation before investing. AP6’s proprietary template for evaluating the funds work on sustainability is used both before and annually after investment. The sustainability assessment before investing can identify sustainability risks that are too significant for an investment to be made, but can also identify sustainability issues that do not hinder investment but which, with relevant measures, can contribute to the continued value development of an investment. AP6 has also identified certain industries and products that AP6 by definition considers to be in violation of, or risk violating, international standards and which should therefore be excluded from investment.

Read more: Code of Conduct and Investments Exclusions

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As a signatory of PRI, AP6 reports each year in accordance with PRI’s responsible investment reporting framework. Based on the report, PRI compiles a confidential assessment report, where A+ is the highest possible rating. In the latest assessment, AP6 received the following ratings:
Strategy and governance: A+
Indirect investments (Private Equity): A+
Direct investments and active
ownership (Private Equity): A+