28 November, 2018

Responsible Investments


For AP6, responsible investments and sustainability are prerequisites for achieving the goal of long-term high returns. Research continues to show that there is a positive correlation between sustainability efforts and a company’s value. Over the long term, sustainable development is also a fundamental prerequisite for future generations and for generating economic returns for future pensioners.

As a public pension fund and government authority, AP6 is both responsible for, and able to, state requirements and be a role model when it comes to making sustainable investments and promoting sustainability.

Since 2013, AP6 has worked systematically to integrate sustainability into the investment process. It has done so within the scope of reviewing and monitoring investments, for example. As an investor in various types of organizations, sectors and geographic regions, it is necessary to take a broad approach to sustainability, which must also be rooted in international agreements on human rights, labor rights and anti-corruption. AP6’s Code of Conduct provides the foundation for its efforts in making responsible investments. One of the most important tools for this is AP6’s own template for assessing private equity funds’ sustainability efforts.