26 May, 2023

Sustainability work in the portfolio

Sustainability is integrated with investment activities. Well-developed models and tools are used for evaluation before an investment and during the ownership phase. Resources are continuously allocated based on identified issues and needs.

Sustainability, or ESG (environmental, social, governance) is an area where AP6 is clear about its expectations and commitments. It may be about an expectation of a higher level of ambition as well as improved and in-depth reporting linked to various key figures. Impact regarding sustainability is exercised through collaboration, evaluation and feedback. AP6 has extensive experience in evaluating funds’ work with sustainability. This is expressed in the model that AP6 developed to measure, analyze and evaluate the funds’ ESG work.

Read more about AP6’s sustainability work in the portfolio in the section Ownership phase in the annual report for 2022.
The reporting of the sustainability work is integrated in the annual report. In the table of contents, sustainability is marked with the letter S.