26 May, 2023

Focus areas

Gender equality and diversity
Gender equality and diversity is a focus area in AP6’s sustainability approach – both in investment activities and within the AP6 organisation itself. Since 2016 gender equality and diversity have been a mandatory part of reviewing and monitoring investments – both with fund managers and in companies.

Making active efforts to address climate change has long been a focus area for AP6. With its long-term assignment to contribute to a system that will safeguard pensions for many generations to come, climate is a major priority. Climate change and the related transitions in society affect investments in almost all sectors. AP6’s main climate impact comes from its investments and these are also where climate change affects the organisation the most. As a longterm pension fund AP6 needs to manage climate related aspects in investments to both reduce the risk of negative impacts on the portfolio as well as from the portfolio.

Human rights
In 2022 AP6 refined its approach within the human rights focus area. The fund managers’ application of international human rights frameworks was analysed to assess how to develop appropriate targets.

Read more about AP6’s three focus areas in the annual report for 2022.
The reporting of the sustainability work is integrated in the annual report. In the table of contents, sustainability is marked with the letter S.