AP6 included in the PRI Leaders’ Group 2019

The PRI congratulates 46 asset owner signatories for being included in the PRI Leaders’ Group 2019, in particular for their responsible investment work in the field of selecting, appointing and monitoring external managers in listed and/or private equity.

About the PRI Leaders’ Group

The Leaders’ Group showcases signatories at the cutting edge of responsible investment, and highlights trends in what these leading signatories are doing. PRI have used signatories’ reporting responses and assessment data to identify those that are doing great work in responsible investment, both across their organisation, and with a particular focus on a given theme each year.
View the list of leaders and read the accompanying report which showcases leading practices in asset owner selection, appointment and monitoring of external managers in listed and private equity.

The PRI Leaders’ Group 2019 showcases PRI signatories that demonstrate both a breadth of responsible investment excellence, and that excel specifically in this year’s theme: selection, appointment and monitoring of external managers. PRI:s evaluation focused specifically on listed equity and private equity, as these are the asset classes where PRI have the most developed work on identifying good industry practice, and are most able to support signatories. The group of leading signatories is roughly equivalent to 10% of all asset owner signatories.

More information

AP6 uses its own template for sustainability assessment and monitoring of PE funds
AP6 has a selective investment approach