A high level of activity during the first months of the year

During the first months of the year, there has been a high level of investment activity as regards both commitments to funds and decisions to make direct investments. In total, more than 20 investment decisions have been made.

“There has been much activity as regards both commitments to funds and decisions to make direct investments. And, the flow of interesting investment opportunities has remained strong. We’ve initiated several new collaborations, which has further diversified the portfolio in terms of geographic location, segment and industry,” says Margareta Alestig, Acting Managing Director for the Sixth Swedish National Pension Fund (AP6).

For fund investments, AP6 has seen a continued high level of activity in the capital acquisition processes, which it has also participated in. Access to capital is abundant, so some of the funds have even decided to increase in size. The most successful private equity funds aren’t having any difficulty closing their respective funds. Competition is high between investors to gain access to these funds.

“The rate of investment has been high as regards both fund commitments to partners we’ve worked with in the past and to entirely new partners. We’re also very pleased to have added more US firms in both buyout and venture to the portfolio,” says Karl Falk, Head of Fund Investments at AP6.

Thus far, commitments have been made to a number of both buyout and venture funds.
Commitments to the funds of both existing and new partners have resulted in a steady flow of attractive opportunities for making direct investments together with each fund, i.e. co-investments.

“We’ve made a large number of direct investments in the form of co-investments during the first part of the year. The majority of the investments consist of new companies, many of which are in the North American market. A smaller share has been additional investments in direct investments that we had made earlier,” says Mats Lindahl, Head of Direct Investments at AP6.

The following are examples of the direct investments made thus far in 2019: Visma (HgCapital), Sitecore (EQT), Evidensia/IVC (EQT), Orchid (Nordic Capital), Hoist (Accent), Kyriba (Bridgepoint), WernerCo (Triton), Roima (Intera), OneMed (Nalka), Cast & Crew (EQT).

For more information:
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