28 November, 2018


Climate aspects – an integral part of the investment process

  • AP6’s Board of Directors has established goals for AP6’s climate efforts
  • The AP6 Code of Conduct states that, “AP6 shall actively strive to ensure that the companies and funds in which AP6 has invested, identify and take action on climate-related risks and opportunities”
  • AP6 has integrated climate change related aspects into its assessment of new investments and reviews the climate related risks and opportunities that could impact the investment decision or plan for ownership
  • Questions about the climate related risks and opportunities are included in the template for the annual sustainability assessment of fund managers in AP6’s portfolio
  • AP6 strives to demonstrate the importance of climate issues from an investor perspective. It also strives for more transparency in reporting of environmental impact
  • AP6 annually compiles the portfolio’s carbon footprint using reported and estimated emission information
  • AP6 has declared its support for the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and its recommendations stating that companies and investors should be reporting climate-related risks and opportunities in their financial statements

AP6 sustainability reports