27 February, 2019

Summer job in the Accounting Department

AP6 is looking to fill a position in the Accounting Department for the period 3 June through 30 August 2019.

If you are interest, please send a personal letter and your resume to helena.rado@apfond6.se no later than 31 March 2019.


Assigned tasks
– Accounts payable: registration, monitoring, authorization and payment
Back office listed holdings
– Enter the current prices/rates for listed holdings, currencies, indexes and more
– Reconciliation and control of new deals, communication with our custodian bank regarding purchases/sales
– Reconciliation and control of FX derivatives
– Reconciliation of cash balances SEK and other currencies
Back office unlisted holdings
– Payments to/from funds and direct investments, registration in our accounting system and obtaining authorization from the investment manager

Experience and skills
– Education/diploma in accounting
– Experience working in accounting
– Easy to learn new systems and routines
– Very good skills and experience using Excel
– Swedish and English language skills, spoken and written
– Experience working in the finance sector would be preferable

Personality characteristics
– Responsible, flexible, adaptable
– Independent, structured and detail-oriented
– Strong analytical skills
– A team player with excellent communication skills