20 April, 2020

Diversity and inclusion

  • Diversity and inclusion is one of AP6’s focus areas within the broad approach to ESG
  • Besides efforts to improve diversity within AP6 (e.g. by requiring more diverse lists of candidates in recruitment processes), AP6 also strives to improve diversity and inclusion in its portfolio of holdings
  • Diversity and inclusion is a standard element in the review and follow-up of investments, where the investment organization asks questions before and after an investment about what is being done to increase diversity in funds and portfolio companies
  • The AP6 Board of Directors formulates quantitative targets for gender equality in the portfolio
  • In a review of gender equality in investment teams and management in AP6’s fund investments, the proportion of women has increased slightly compared with previous years
  • Approxim two-thirds of the fund management teams actively strive to support the portfolio companies so that equality and diversity can improve. And an equally large percentage report on diversity and inclusion to their investors

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