20 April, 2020

Diversity and inclusion

Equality and diversity is a focus area for AP6’s sustainability work, both in the investments and its own organization

  • Since 2016, equality and diversity has been a mandatory area for follow-up. Both prior to and during investments, AP6 asks fund managers and companies what they are doing to promote equality and diversity, and contributes with good examples
  • As with last year’s assessment, the US teams had a more even gender distribution than the European ones. Differences were also noted among the investment strategies, with higher gender equality in the organizations of investors in venture compared to buyout
  • Around three-fourths of the fund management teams state that they actively strive to support their portfolio companies’ efforts to increase equality and diversity. They also say that they report on equality and diversity to investors
  • Clearly, there is an awareness among the teams and their holdings that organizations with a high level of equality and diversity attract the best talent, leading to better decisions and results over the long term
  • Equality and diversity are obvious focus areas for AP6’s internal efforts with the work environment. A professional organization that constantly strives to improve will utilize all the skills and talents of its employees. People with different experiences and back-grounds can offer new perspectives when analyzing and evaluating different alterna-tives no matter the topic
  • Read more about the work with gender equality and diversity in the annual report

Excerpt from AP6’s annual ESG evaluation for 2021, pie chart shows share of number of managers.






When following up gender equality for 2021 in AP6’s fund investments, it is noted that the proportion of women has increased by 20% (from 10% to 12%) at management level and 8% (from 25% to 27%) in the investment teams compared to 2020 when the quantitative target if 10% annual increase was adopted.